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We treat all of our patients royally here at Sherman Oaks Dental, but some of them receive actual crowns. We’re not talking about crowns a king or queen wears, but crowns for your teeth! If you live near Sherman Oaks, Sherman Oaks Dental is the best place to get your teeth looking better than ever. And putting a crown on a tooth with issues could be just what you need to attain a unforgettable smile.

Crowns are a treatment for a multitude of problems:

  • To preserve a weak tooth from decay, breaking, or to hold together a cracked tooth.
  • To cover and provide stability to a tooth with a large filling and little tooth structure remaining.
  • To restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down.
  • To improve a tooth that is too small or misshapen.
  • To cover a tooth with acute discoloration.
  • To add strength to a tooth following a root canal procedure.

If you feel like you have a need for a crown, don’t look any further than Sherman Oaks Dental. Our dentists and lab techs have the experience, training, and ability to make sure your crowns are created and placed perfectly. There are many different kinds of crowns that serve different purposes. We carry out a comprehensive examination to ensure the crown you get is perfect for you and your smile.

We then prepare your tooth so that the crown will fit the way that it should. Once the tooth is prepared and ready, we use state-of-the-art tools to fit the crown on your tooth. When done properly, crowns can last many years. Crowns are wonderful way to protect and upgrade your smile. Schedule a coronation today!


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Sherman Oaks Dental on Jaw Bone Deterioration

Van Nuys Jaw Bone Deterioration Prevention - Dental Implants To remain dense, your jaw bone requires the continual stimulation and pressure of chewing, biting and talking. Each of your teeth has a root structure attached to the surrounding bone material. As each tooth absorbs the forces of everyday mouth function, it stimulates the bone to which the root is attached.

When a tooth is extracted, the jaw bone that previously surrounded the root structure begins to recede. Though tooth extraction is often the only possible treatment for our Sherman Oaks patients with tooth damage beyond repair, every effort should be made to preserve the root structure.

Fortunately, tooth implants provide a new root which keeps the surrounding bone healthy and strong. A dental implant consists of a titanium post which is placed in the jaw bone. It replaces the original root and eventually integrates into the surrounding bone. After the implant has been placed and the surrounding bone has healed and meshed with the implant, a post is inserted into the implant. The new artificial tooth, or crown, is then attached to the post. Implant restoration is a safe and effective treatment for tooth loss.

To learn more about dental implants, call Michael Bjornbak at 818-781-3411. The friendly professionals at Sherman Oaks Dental in Sherman Oaks provide world-class dental treatment for patients in Sherman Oaks and the surrounding areas.

Creating Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

Wear A Crown In Sherman Oaks

Wear A Dental Crown In Van Nuys

Some Sherman Oaks residents who have a weak or broken tooth may want to research dental crowns as a solution to improve their smile and overall oral health. A crown is really a cap or covering that is tooth-shaped and when it is in place, it will cover the portion of the covered tooth that is above the gum line.

Crowns can be made of metals, resin, ceramic, porcelain, or a porcelain-fused-to-metal material. Your Sherman Oaks area dentist will usually put in a temporary crown while a permanent crown is being created especially for your mouth in a dental laboratory.

Dental crowns have been used successfully in Sherman Oaks cosmetic dentistry for decades.

Many Van Nuys, Studio City CA, and Sherman Oaks dentists use crowns when performing smile makeovers to cover patient’s discolored or poorly shaped teeth. Strong, natural-looking crowns are also used with dental implants.

If you think a dental crown may be right for you, check with your Sherman Oaks dentist. Or, if you are searching for quality dental care in the Sherman Oaks area, call us here at Sherman Oaks Dental. We are located in Sherman Oaks and have been serving the greater Sherman Oaks area since 1987. We are currently accepting new patients at our state-of-the art, yet warm and comfortable dental office.

Call us at 818-781-3411 and our compassionate staff can answer any questions you have about teeth whitening in Sherman Oaks, veneers, enamel shaping, or any other cosmetic dental, general oral health, or dental financing questions.

Tooth Restoration in Sherman Oaks

Tooth Restoration in Sherman Oaks At Sherman Oaks Dental, we use a variety of techniques to restore damaged teeth. Most Van Nuys dental clients are familiar with fillings. Traditional fillings are also called ‘direct restorations’ because they are applied to the tooth, shaped and polished in one visit.

Another type of filling is called an ‘indirect restorations‘ and is fabricated in a California dental lab. There are two types: inlays and onlays.

When a tooth needs more extensive dental restoration, a crown is often used. At Sherman Oaks Dental, we create strong, natural-looking crowns from a variety of materials.

What if the tooth is damaged beyond repair? There are a number of functional replacements for missing teeth. Dentures are not the only option.

Call 818-672-1288 to learn about the restoration options available. We have been improving smiles for Van Nuys and Burbank patients since 1989.

Whether the damage is caused by decay, injury, bite problems, or natural wear; Dr. Michael Bjornbak DDS will choose the best dental treatment plan for your tooth restoration needs. Sherman Oaks Dental is conveniently located at 4849 Van Nuys Boulevard, Suite 101, in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Are Dental Implants Worth It For Sherman Oaks?

A dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement that looks, feels and works like a Are Fremont Dental Implants Worth It?natural tooth.

The actual dental implant material is usually titanium. A post is surgically inserted into the jaw bone to replace the root of the missing tooth. The post integrates with the bone to provide a stable foundation. The root replacement device can help prevent future jaw bone deterioration that can occur after a tooth has been lost. When the implant has integrated securely with the bone (it can take three to six months), a smaller post is attached. This post extends above the gum line. The artificial tooth (crown) is then attached.

The dental implants available in the Sherman Oaks area are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of configurations. One dental implant can replace one missing tooth. A series of implants can replace more than one tooth or anchor a dental bridge. Implants can also act as a sturdy base for partial or full dentures.

When calculating the cost of dental implants, you’ll want to compare them to other restorative options.

Call 818-672-1288 to schedule a visit to discuss your dental goals and the possibility of reasonably cost dental implants. If you are missing one or more teeth, you owe it to yourself to get dental implants information.

Michael Bjornbak DDS

Your Smile Doesn’t Have to Show Your Age in Sherman Oaks

As we grow older, we may welcome many changes. However, most Sherman Oaks retirees do Your Smile Doesn’t Have to Show Your Age in Fremontnot welcome wrinkles, gray hair and dental problems.

Fortunately, your smile can be attractive and healthy throughout your golden years!

Even if your teeth are showing visible signs of wear such as enamel loss, staining, and chips, it is not too late to restore your youthful smile. And, though tooth loss is fairly common for Sherman Oaks residents over sixty, in most cases it is preventable.

At Michael Bjornbak DDS, we treat patients of all ages. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry.

If you live in Sherman Oaks, call 818-672-1288 to schedule a dental consultation. If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, you will be interested to learn about the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques. Many procedures can be completed in one visit to our Sherman Oaks dental office.

Give us a call at 818-672-1288 or find us on the Web at:

Afraid of the Dentist? Your Sherman Oaks Sedation Dentist Can Help

If you live near Sherman Oaks and experience severe anxiety when undergoing (or Afraid of the Dentist? Your Fremont Sedation Dentist Can Helpeven thinking about!) dental treatment, oral sedation is for you.

Conscious sedation dentistry is available in Sherman Oaks at Michael Bjornbak DDS. We have been providing sedation dentistry in Sherman Oaks for several years with excellent outcomes. Whether it is called relaxation dentistry, oral conscious sedation or anxiety-free dentistry, it is completely safe and very popular for our nervous cosmetic and restorative dental clients.

Though it may sound impossible, with oral conscious sedation, dentistry patients can actually relax during dental visits. In addition, healing times for oral surgery and extensive cosmetic dentistry procedures are often shorter if the patient is sedated during treatment.

Sedation dentistry is great for alleviating anxiety for our Sherman Oaks patients, and oral conscious sedation can be effective for treating or working with the following:

  • Teeth sensitivita;
  • Fear of needles;
  • A powerful gag reflex;
  • Difficulty controlling body movement;
  • Lengthy multi-procedure visits;
  • Difficulty becoming numb with traditional injections.

If you need dental work more extensive than a filling; such as a root canal, tooth implant, crown replacement or wisdom tooth extraction; call Michael Bjornbak DDS at 818-672-1288. When you come to our office at 4849 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 101, in Sherman Oaks, California, we can give you more information about sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is only one of the services we offer at Michael Bjornbak DDS, where your smile is our top priority!

California Family Dentistry

We’re Michael Bjornbak DDS, and we practice family dentistry in California.

If you are looking for a new California family dentistry experience, Michael Bjornbak DDS is here for you.

I would like to invite you to bring your California family in to our office and see for yourself. You can find us at 4849 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 101, in Sherman Oaks, California. We serve the California community including the 91403 zip code area.

Or just give us a call at 818-672-1288.

I look forward to seeing you.

-Dr. Michael Bjornbak, Dentist

Correcting Severe Dental Problems in Sherman Oaks

Each separate restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedure performed in Sherman Oaks Correcting Severe Dental Problems in Fremontcan address a specific dental problem. For example, a porcelain veneer can perfect the surface of a tooth that is discolored or slightly misshapen. Dental bonding can fill a small chip in an otherwise healthy tooth.

Some Sherman Oaks dental problems are more extensive and require a combination of procedures. Crown restoration combined with soft tissue grafts can restore a severely decayed tooth with the root exposed. A bone graft and dental implant can restore a missing tooth in an area where the jaw bone has receded. Orthodontia followed by tooth bleaching totally transforms a smile by straightening and whitening.

What is the difference between tooth bleaching and whitening? Whitening is the term for procedures which remove surface stains to restore the degree of natural lightness. Bleaching goes even further by lightening teeth beyond their natural shade. That’s right: you don’t have to resign yourself to yellow teeth even if they have been that way your whole life! The natural shade of your teeth, by the way, like your skin and hair color, is determined by genetics.

Some Sherman Oaks smiles have been gleaming for years by regular whitening. You can maintain the whiteness of your teeth just as you maintain your fitness level. (Of course it is a lot easier to make a quick visit to your Sherman Oaks dentist once a year for whitening touch-ups than sweating in a gym several times a week!)

We live in an age where severe dental problems can be permanently corrected. You don’t have to participate in a TV makeover show in Hollywood to access these premium cosmetic dental procedures. They are available right here in Sherman Oaks. Dr. Michael Bjornbak has the same advanced training and extensive experience as the dentists who keep the smiles of famous actors and musicians camera-ready.

Schedule a consultation at Michael Bjornbak DDS to discover the perfect combination of procedures to achieve your ultimate smile. Our phone number is 818-672-1288.