Clear Braces in Sherman Oaks!

No One Will Know You Are Wearing Braces In Sherman Oaks

Many adults in Sherman Oaks want straight teeth, but the thought of metal braces is not exactly what they had in mind. Clear braces provide a solution.

Custom Invisalign braces are worn over teeth are now available in Sherman Oaks. Because they are all but invisible, your busy lifestyle will not be hampered. The comfortable aligners allow you to eat anything you want. Caring for your teeth is simple. Best of all, no one will notice as your teeth are gently being straightened.

Modern orthodontia and cosmetic dentistry truly works miracles to create younger, more vibrant smiles. If you have delayed orthodontic treatment because of the perceived inconvenience and obtruseviness of traditional metal braces, we hope this post has provided critical details that will help you make an informed choice.

At Sherman Oaks Dental – Michael Bjornbak, DDS, our compassionate team has been creating unforgettable smiles since 1987. If you have any other dental issues, schedule a consultation to learn about veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening.

Whatever your dental needs are, we can create a personalized, custom treatment plan for you.

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Clear Braces – Nearly Invisible Teeth Straightening for Sherman Oaks Adults

Clear Braces for Sherman Oaks Adults If you want to straighten your teeth or correct a bite problem, you have more orthodontic options in Sherman Oaks than ever before. The current menu of orthodontic treatments requires a whole new glossary. Here are some of the common orthodontia terms explained.

Invisible Braces
These are sometimes described as ‘braces behind the teeth’. These braces can be just as effective at realigning adult teeth as the traditional ‘metal and wires’ kind but are almost completely hidden. Many Sherman Oaks adults and teens who straighten their teeth choose this type of orthodontia. To see if invisible braces are the best type for your teeth, lifestyle and budget, schedule an orthodontic consultation at Sherman Oaks Dental – Michael Bjornbak, DDS by calling 818-465-9704. We can help you determine which type of adults braces system is right for you and your smile.

Traditional and Clear Retainers
Once a clear braces or traditional braces patient has completed treatment, retainers must be worn regularly to keep the beautiful straight teeth in their corrected position. There are several types of retainers available for Sherman Oaks cosmetic dental patients. The time-tested Hawley retainer consists of a metal wire that surrounds the teeth and keeps them from shifting. The metal wire is attached to a molded acrylic form that fits snugly in the upper mouth (palate) or lower mouth.

Clear retainers are newer on the Studio City CA orthodontic scene. They cover the teeth like a see-through glove and do not need metal bows or clasps. Some Van Nuys retainer wearers believe clear retainers are more comfortable than Hawley retainers.

You don’t need to live with a mouth full of metal to get the beautiful teeth you are seeking. Let us help you develop a custom treatment plan for your smile.


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Overbites And Underbites in Sherman Oaks

Invisalign Clear Braces Can Fix Overbites In Sherman Oaks When the upper part of the jaw and the lower part of the jaw are not the same size, bite problems can occur. When the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw, it is called an overbite. When the reverse is true, it is called an underbite. Another related alignment disorder is called a crossbite. Crossbites occur when lower teeth are in the wrong position. They may be incorrectly positioned sideways, forward or backward.

Malocclusion (literally ‘bad bite’) is the term used for all types of bite problems including overbites, underbites and crossbites. Jaw alignment disorders can cause a range of problems and often prohibit proper chewing and/or swallowing. Teeth can shift around in the mouth, causing even more discomfort or difficulty. Gum disease and tooth decay are also harder to prevent because proper oral hygiene can be difficult with a malocclusion. TMJ disorder can develop over time. Distorted facial shape and unattractive teeth are often the most noticeable and troubling issues for those affected.

Fortunately, there are a variety of effective treatments for bite problems. If you suspect your child has a bite misalignment, it is especially important to have them examined as early as possible. By starting early, you can make sure they avoid years of pain and self-consciousness. Talk to us about Invisalign clear braces, a nearly invisible treatment that can help straighten teeth without traditional metal braces.

Call Sherman Oaks Dental at 818-781-3411. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Bjornbak, DDS is experienced in diagnosing bite disorders in patients of all ages. We can create a successful treatment plan for you. We also perform cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign for Sherman Oaks area dental clients.

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You Won’t Miss The Metal With Invisible Braces In Sherman Oaks

You Won't Miss The Metal With Invisible Braces In Sherman Oaks

Hello! Welcome to my Sherman Oaks cosmetic dentistry blog. Do you have crooked teeth? Do you wish you would have had braces as a kid, but feel it is too late now? Maybe you feel self-conscious about smiling with a mouth full of metal. I have good news for you: at Sherman Oaks Dental, we offer invisible braces.

The main advantage of invisible braces is that it is nearly impossible to see them while they are being worn, but the results are definitely noticeable!

Don’t let the absence of metal fool you. The clear removable aligners effectively correct the alignment and crowding problems that can affect the overall health of your teeth.

My name is Dr. Michael Bjornbak of Sherman Oaks Dental. My staff and I want you to feel great about your smile. In addition to invisible braces, we also offer dental restorations, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers. Did you know that veneers can correct some alignment problems?

Please call my Sherman Oaks office today at 818-781-3411 to schedule an orthodontic consultation. Your oral health is important, so make sure you are getting the regular exams and cleanings you deserve. Here at Sherman Oaks Dental, we provide the highest possible standard of dental care.

Don’t let crooked teeth prevent you from the smile you deserve, ask us about Invisalign invisible braces today!

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Crooked Teeth in Sherman Oaks?

Can't afford braces? Now is a great time to have crooked teeth! Why? They can easily be straightened.

There are few technological wonders of our era that are more appreciated than modern braces. Teeth straightening hardware of past generations in Sherman Oaks had many drawbacks. They often involved a whole orthodontic tool kit–full metal bands, headgear, elastics, spacers, and wires poking every which way. If you played an instrument that required the use of your mouth, well, it wasn’t pretty.

Metal braces for most in Sherman Oaks were uncomfortable, bulky, and downright ugly. They also created many hidden nooks and crannies for bacteria to quietly drill into your enamel. If you are too young to remember old school braces, you can’t truly appreciate the ceramic braces, clear braces and Invisalign aligners available today right here in Encino, Burbank , and Studio City. Even traditional metal braces are now smaller, less noticeable, and more comfortable.

The advancements in Sherman Oaks orthodontic treatments and shorter treatment times is one reason many Shemran Oaks adults have chosen to straighten their teeth even if they passed as a teenager. Does that mean you don’t need to have your child seen by a Sherman Oaks orthodontist if you suspect problems? Absolutely not.

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends early Sherman Oaks orthodontic evaluation. It is always best to identify problems with teeth and jaw development early. Your orthodontist or family dentist will know the proper age to begin treatment if necessary.

We provide many cosmetic dental procedures at Sherman Oaks Dental in Sherman Oaks, CA. Did you know that porcelain veneers can solve some less-extreme tooth alignment problems? If your teeth are fairly straight but your smile is compromised by a couple of damaged or chipped teeth, affordable porcelain veneers may be your one-visit solution.

For more information about the Sherman Oaks cosmetic dental options offered at Sherman Oaks Dental see or call 818-672-1288.

Sherman Oaks Dental News For Sherman Oaks California

Sherman Oaks Dental Dental News For Sherman Oaks California Sherman Oaks and Encino tooth whitening treatments have advanced significantly. The team at Sherman Oaks Dental is trained on the safest and most effective products and systems. If you need the latest dental info on teeth whitening, schedule a consultation by calling 818-672-1288.

At Sherman Oaks Dental in California, we are excited about new light tooth whitening systems such as Zoom whitening. If you are worried about tooth whitening sensitivity, light whitening systems may provide a great solution. We recommend administering whitening bleach in a tightly controlled, professional environment such as our dental office in Sherman Oaks California.

Don’t take chances with something as important as your teeth.

Orthodontia patients will appreciate the range of choices now available in braces, too. Invisalign braces bring teeth into alignment quicker than any previous teeth straightening systems used in Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, or Encino. If you weren’t able to get braces for crooked teeth when you were a kid, it is not too late; with the latest teeth straightening treatments in California, you can finally transform your smile without bulky or inconvenient braces. Come to our Sherman Oaks dental practice and we can show you before and after braces photos, and discuss your options.

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Bright Purple Mouth When You Smile In Sherman Oaks?

Sherman Oaks Invisalign Remember when Van Nuys adolescents undergoing orthodontic treatment were mortified by their metal mouth? Thankfully, those days are over. The Sherman Oaks teens of today wear their braces proudly and make no effort to hide them. They know they don’t need to wait until their teeth are aligned to flaunt a striking smile; they enjoy flashing their brightly-colored braces in all their glory.

Another plus? Just as they mix and match their clothes and shoes, teens can change their wires and bands every time they visit their Van Nuys or Sherman Oaks dentist or orthodontist. Braces have become another fun way for Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys fashion-forward teens to express their personality.

Of course, there are still some kids (and many adults!) that are not thrilled about having metallic fuchsia bands and neon yellow wires adorning their teeth. Discrete Invisalign aligners are virtually undetectable and straighten teeth just as quickly and effectively as metal braces. Another benefit of the Invisalign system is that the clear braces are not permanently attached to the teeth. Invisalign aligners are easily slipped out for brushing, flossing, meals, and sports. If your Sherman Oaks child plays a musical instrument that defies traditional braces, removable aligners may be the best option.

If you or one of your children need orthodontic treatment in the Van Nuys area, call Sherman Oaks Dental at 818-672-1288 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Bjornbak. Sherman Oaks Dental is located at 4849 Van Nuys Boulevard, Suite 101, Sherman Oaks, CA in Sherman Oaks. We also provide comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry. If you need affordable state-of-the-art dental care in Sherman Oaks, let us tell you about our financing options.

Whatever your age, if you want to straighten your teeth, we have wires and bands to match every outfit in your closet!

Straighten Teeth Fast in Sherman Oaks

Poorly aligned teeth? Think it takes forever for braces to straighten them? Think again. There are many new types of braces available in Sherman Oaks. In some cases, teeth can be straightened in a few months and then, with braces off–a fantastic new smile.

If you are considering straightening your teeth, come into Sherman Oaks Dental in Sherman Oaks for an orthodontic consultation. We can discuss the new types of braces. Dr. Michael Bjornbak will explain the pros and cons of each type and recommend the most effective (and quickest!) system for your teeth.

The first things most adult Sherman Oaks teeth-straightening clients ask about are the newer systems, sometimes called clear braces and adult braces. Invisalign and damon braces are two brand names of alternative orthodontic systems popular in Sherman Oaks. Many of our adult orthodontic patients have been embarrassed by their crooked teeth for many years and have developed a habit of covering their mouth when they smile. It is great to see them smiling confidently after they have completed treatment.

Younger clients usually have a different attitude about braces. They seem to consider braces more like a fashion accessory and are not afraid to show them off. Sherman Oaks area teens are interested in color braces and colored rubber bands braces. During orthodontic consultations, they usually ask about the possibility of a clear retainer to maintain teeth alignment after their braces have done their job.

Dr. Michael Bjornbak

Affordable Dentistry

The worry about finding affordable dentistry in Sherman Oaks is one of the biggest reasons why many people avoid going to the dentist. However, the truth is that affordable dentistry is available at Sherman Oaks Dental, and we want to help you get the dental care you need at an affordable price.

We specialize in affordable dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and Invisalign clear braces.

Our affordable dentistry options include offering various payment methods. We also have an experienced staff who can review insurance options and discuss payment planning to help you afford your dental care.

Affordable dentistry is available to everyone in the Sherman Oaks community. Give the caring and professional staff at Sherman Oaks Dental a call to discuss how we can provide you and your family affordable dentistry.

Our office is located at 4849 Van Nuys Boulevard, Suite 101, in Sherman Oaks, CA. We service the 91403 zip code area.

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