Gum Disease Treatment

get gum disease treatment from your Sherman Oaks dentistPrevent Periodontal Disease In Sherman Oaks

Healthy teeth need healthy gums. That’s why Dr. Bjornbak’s comprehensive approach to your dental needs includes taking care of your gums. The periodontal disease treatment that Sherman Oaks Dental offers can both prevent and treat gum disease.

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the main culprit for adult tooth loss in the United States. Gum disease occurs when bacteria infect the gums below the gum line and create a periodontal pocket. This infected area becomes swollen and inflamed, pulling away from the tooth and exposing its roots. The treatment of gum disease is called “periodontal treatment.”

To treat the bacterial infection, a variety of methods are available. Most often, Dr. Bjornbak will combine the use of an antibiotic with deep cleaning, known as scaling and planing, in gum disease treatment. Sometimes called SRP (scaling and root planing), this procedure removes the bacteria from your teeth at and below the gum line, then smoothes the roots of your teeth to help the gums reattach.

our Sherman Oaks dentist provides gum disease treatment near Van NuysThe periodontal treatment needed depends on how advanced the gum disease is, so be sure to call the dentist if you experience any of the following warning signs for infection: gums that bleed easily or look red and swollen, teeth that feel loose, and gums that are pulling away from your teeth.

Without Good Periodontal Health, You Can’t Have Good General Health

According to research conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology, periodontal gum disease can both affect your general health and be affected by your general health. Thus, effective periodontal treatment is essential. Here are a few examples:

Respiratory Infections

• Inhaling bacteria from the mouth and throat can lead to pneumonia

• Dental plaque buildup creates a dangerous source of bacteria that can be inhaled into the lungs

Severe Osteopenia

• Reduction in bone mass (osteopenia/osteoporosis) may lead to tooth loss because the density of the bone that supports the teeth may be decreased

• Severity has been connected to tooth loss in postmenopausal women

Preterm or Low Birthweight Babies

• Women with advanced gum disease may be more likely to give birth to an underweight or preterm baby

• Oral microbes can cross the placental barrier, exposing the fetus to infection


• Those with adult periodontitis may have increased risk of stroke

Heart Disease

• Those with adult periodontitis may have increased risk of heart attack

• And are more likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease

• Bacteria from the mouth may cause clotting problems in the cardiovascular system

Uncontrolled Diabetes

• Chronic periodontal disease can disrupt diabetic control

• Smokers with diabetes increase their risk of tooth loss by 20 times

• People with type II diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease than are nondiabetics

If you are in the Sherman Oaks – Van Nuys – Studio City California area and suspect you have gum disease, call Sherman Oaks Dental immediately. The sooner it can be identified, the more effective the periodontal treatment can be.

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