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Restorative Dentistry Sherman Oaks

Restorative Dentistry Dentures and Porcelain Crown Sherman Oaks CaliforniaRestoring the health and beauty of your smile has never been easier. Thanks to the latest dental technologies, restorative dentistry can repair and improve the look and function of your teeth. This branch of dentistry includes everything from removable dentures and a porcelain crown to permanent bridges, inlays and dental implants.

DENTURES | Dentures are commonly viewed as old-fashioned, artificial-looking, and uncomfortable. But today’s dentures are just the opposite. They now look more natural and feel more comfortable, making dentures a popular solution for those who suffer from tooth loss. Dentures are a fantastic way to give your smile new life and take years off your appearance.

PORCELAIN CROWNS | Porcelain crowns are another option for a more natural-looking smile. Instead of a metal cap, or crown, you can choose a porcelain crown that blends in with your teeth. The porcelain crown is strong and looks and acts like tooth enamel.

PERMANENT BRIDGE | A dental bridge is a series of connected dental crowns which can be used to fill in a gap in your smile. Our permanent bridges are made of top-quality materials and should function flawlessly for you.

DENTAL IMPLANTS | Dental implants have changed the game in dentistry. A dental implant is an alloy post which replaces your natural tooth root and acts as a strong foundation for a dental restoration (like a dental crown).

INLAYS | Esthetic inlays are basically natural-looking fillings. If you’re self-conscious about your silver fillings that draw unwanted attention, then replace them with tooth-colored inlays instead. They protect your teeth without tainting your smile.

If you are in need of restorative dentistry in the Van Nuys – Studio City – Sherman Oaks California area, call us today. We are happy to explain more about today’s dentures, answer questions about a porcelain crown, or determine what restorative dentistry procedure would be best for your situation.

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