Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy With Your Sherman Oaks Dentist

root canal therapy for severe tooth pain with a Sherman Oaks dentist Van Nuys CAIf you’re are experiencing intense tooth pain or know that you have a severely damaged tooth, relax…. Root canals are NOT the terrifying and torturous experience that you may have expected 50 years ago. Dr. Bjornbak and his caring staff in Sherman Oaks near Van Nuys always make sure every single patient that visits is comfortable and relaxed before, during and after treatment. Really.

What is a Root Canal?

When tooth pulp (nerve tissue) in the canals of your tooth’s root become inflamed, infected or otherwise effected, you may experience moderate to sever tooth pain in the form of a toothache. Root canal therapy involves removing this tooth pulp to completely remove the source of pain and therefore make the pain (toothache) go away… permanently. Don’t worry, your adult teeth do not need the tooth pulp anymore and it causes no ill effects to remove it.

The Root Canal Process

  1. OPEN CANAL | The top of the tooth is opened to allow access to the root canals and the pulp therein.
  2. CLEAN CANAL | Dr. Bjornback will use specialized tools and brushes to clean the effected tooth pulp from the root canals. Care is take to make sure the job is thoroughly done to prevent any future potential issues.
  3. FILL CANAL | The canal is then filled with an inert, natural matter—often referred to as a cone. This cone fills the space of the canal to replace the tooth pulp.
  4. CLOSE CANAL | The tooth will then be seal to prevent any infection or unwanted debris from entering the root canal. Depending on the damage to the tooth, Dr. Bjornbak will be able to use a durable resi “cement” to permanently close the canal or will place a new dental crown to cap the tooth.

Don’t suffer needlessly with a toothache. We can make the pain go away quickly and comfortably. Call us in Sherman Oaks today to schedule a visit if you are in the area, including Van Nuys!

If you are nervous about root canal therapy, we also offer a variety of dental sedation options. Please feel free to visit our sedation website to learn more about your options!

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