Zoom Teeth Whitening

Get Beautiful, White Teeth In Sherman Oaks

teeth whitening with a Sherman Oaks dentist Van Nuys CACosmetic dentistry offers many exciting new options for better smiles. The most popular one these days is teeth whitening. If you’ve been embarrassed by your yellow teeth, but haven’t had any luck with tooth whitening kits you bought at a store, it’s time to try professional teeth whitening.

Teeth darken for a number of reasons. Many common habits like drinking coffee, wine, cola, or tea can stain teeth over time. Smoking, taking certain medications, and even just aging can also discolor teeth. The good news is that these effects can be reversed by tooth whitening methods and you can have white teeth again. To achieve the maximum, most natural-looking whiteness in your teeth, professional teeth whitening is the safest, surest choice.

Tooth Whitening Options Near Van Nuys

Dr. Bjornbak offers two types of teeth whitening at his Sherman Oaks practice near Van Nuys, depending on your preference and your teeth. The first is a teeth bleaching kit that you take home. It has trays that are specially fitted to your teeth at our office. Depending on how long you wear the trays each day (or night), your teeth can reach their optimum whiteness in two weeks. These teeth bleaching kits are a far cry from ones you may have already tried. At an affordable price, you’ll still get professional teeth whitening results.

tooth whitening from your Sherman Oaks dentistThe second method Dr. Bjornbak offers is an in-office Zoom! laser teeth whitening treatment. Developed by Discus Dental, Zoom whitening utilizes state-of-the-art technology to instantly whiten your teeth. After prepping your teeth with a light-activated teeth bleaching gel, Dr. Bjornbak uses a laser to make the tooth whitening gel safely penetrate your teeth and remove their stains and discolorations. You’ll be amazed at the dramatic difference smile Zoom whitening can make in your smile after just one visit. Nowhere else will you find such a painless, safe, and instant way to improve the way you look.

Call our Sherman Oaks California office today for a free consultation to find out which teeth whitening method – a teeth bleaching kit or in-office Zoom whitening – would be best for you. We work with patients from all over the area, including Van Nuys, so there’s never been a better time to make a better first impression!

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