Sherman Oaks, Avoid Dental Implant Post Op Complications

Sherman Oaks, Avoid Dental Implant Post Op ComplicationsCosmetic dental implants are well worth the money and healing time if they are taken care of so they last. Cosmetic dental implants are a significant investment that you want to protect. Research shows that dental implants have a success rate between 95-98% and can last a lifetime when certain precautions are taken before and after the dental implant placement. We want to do everything we can to prevent cosmetic dental implant failure. By following the general steps below, you can help the likelihood of success for your dental implants.

Talk about with your doctor before a dental implant procedure:

1. Visit with your dental implant dentist so he can assess what options you have available to you.

2. Adequate bone density is necessary for implant success and this needs to be addressed before placement (Bone grafts and mini implants are sometimes an option)

3. If you have a tendency to grind your teeth at night or during the day, this can decrease the dental implant success rate. Talk to your dentist about this.

4. Your overall oral health is also important. If you know you are one that doesn’t do well with hygiene, then you need to discuss this as well

5. Poor overall health can slow or prevent cosmetic dental implant healing (Smoking, Alcohol, and diabetes have been shown to decrease success)