Patient Testimonials

Our patients appreciate the work that we can do for them, as shown in these video testimonials.

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Afraid of the Dentist

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“I found him just by pure dumb luck & a little research…staff is wonderful and caring..Went in to have a crown recemented and fell in love with his staff & him. I needed a new upper denture and he worked with me every step of the way, fixing everything that needed to be done to make it happen. I love his staff and because I have strange schedule they did everything to accommodate me. He’s my dentist! BTW he is now my husband’s dentist also.”

– Valerie S.
Los Angeles, CA

“This office is great, I have always hated going to the Dentist, that has changed. I had a tooth pulled, a crown done, and a filling all at the same time and in the same area, and I felt nothing not even the shot to numb me up, this office has cured me of my fear of Dentist, I would highly recommend them..”

– Matt G.
Burbank, CA

“I have been a patient of Dr. B since 1994. My entire family; my wife, 2 daughters, and myself have all been recipients of his superb care and business acumen for that time period, and will continue well into the future. I have recommended personal friends of mine to the care of Dr. Bjornbak, and they ALL have been more than extremely pleased and satisfied with the care, service, and price they received through this office. (I am talking of highly visible show biz folk whose teeth are a paramount of their on-air persona… hello Hollywood!)

I am an entertainer and fly out frequently on short notice; he has accommodated me for every procedure and mini-crisis that has ever surfaced; some on very short notice. He even brought me in on Sundays ( his day off family day) twice for 7 1/2 hrs each for a major procedure… (I told my wife my butt was killing me; she said “wasn’t he working on your teeth?”… I digress…)

Last Friday I popped my upper left bicuspid crown… I looked ready to audition for “DUCK DYNASTY”… I emailed Dr. B with my dilemma… My big problem was I was flying to Tahoe to open at Harrah’s Wed. He said be at the office Monday 8 am.

I was there Mon 7:45am. It wasn’t just a re-cement; I needed a root canal, post put in, crown re-cemented (he saved the old one = $1000 savings for me) during his regular appt schedule. I was out by 10:00am on the dot…With a handshake, no pain, and at 4pm, a follow up call from Dr. B himself to make sure I was ok and the tooth was good!

I started out pre-dent; I ended up in comedy because making people laugh is like pulling teeth… I am telling everyone who reads this… this Doctor, who does global seminars and is extremely well respected in his community, is a phenomenal practitioner who cares for his patients and does incomparable dental work. Take my word for it; I wasn’t coerced into this review with freebies, etc. If I had this would probably be a better review…”

– Scott R.
Sherman Oaks, CA


“I’m a customer of  Dr. Michael for 2.5 years now.
I found his office when I looked for a good place to get Invisalign .
I’ve been in 3 different places before I decided to go with Sherman Oaks Dental and I’m glad that I did.
Every other place limited the length of service provided to get the perfect results (12-18 months) while Michael stated that he will treat me until I’ll be satisfied with the results.
He worked with me even when I had to leave for few months and created a temporary plan so I won’t lose the progress so far.
The staff is great( Lizette,Jacki,Tanya)!!! Always nice, professional and kind. 
I also recommended Dr.Michael to two of my friends and they are extremely satisfied. 

I’m very glad with the choice I made and I really feel that I’m in good hands.”

– Tali M.
Los Angeles, CA


“Dr. Bjornbak and his staff are very helpful, friendly, and professional. I have been going to him for 5 plus years and never once had a bad experience……never…..and I have had quite a bit of work done…crowns, root canal, etc. receiving follow-up calls the same day to make sure I was OK. He takes a personal interest in his patients…it is not just a routine dental appt. The dental hygienist is great. I have had several teeth cleanings done and have always been completely satisfied. Dr. B takes his time explaining what he is doing and never ever has made me feel rushed… questions are always answered thoroughly and patiently. My daughter also has been very happy with his work…after having her teeth botched by two dentists before finding Dr. B. He did the job right!. Thankfully I was referred by a friend, and in return, I  have referred my friends and family to Dr. Bjornbak who have also been happy. Per”

– Susan R.
Los Angeles, CA


“I really like this office.  The staff and the doctor are terrific.  I never wait too long.  I find them very accommodating and professional.  The only reason I didn’t do five stars is because I got a bad burn on my gum from the zoom teeth whitening but that’s not unique to them, I think that happens a lot with that process (at all dentists)… just a glitch that needs to be worked out…
I would highly recommend this doctor and office.”

– Laurie M.
Encino, CA


“I found Dr. Bjornbak on Yelp two years ago.  I had an implant and needed a tooth.  Dr. Bjornbak’s price was $200 less than the dentist I was using, I figured it would be a good way to see if I would like this Doctor and office.  I have had horrible experiences with dentists in the past.

Dr. Bjornbak spoke with me personally when I called. Wow. That almost never happens.  He was very calm and informative and I immediately could tell that he knew his biz.  I went in, the ladies in the office are young and very professional.  They too, know their stuff.  You can tell that they enjoy being at work.  Dr. Bjornbak has amazing rapport with them. They’re all happy campers.

The work Dr. Bjornbak has done for me and my son (age 20) over the past two years is top notch.  The tooth for my implant, white beautiful fillings to replace the old amalgam, and little white fillings I had done today to cover roots that are exposed by my receding gums.  

Another dentist a few years ago told me that I would have to have gum transplants to fix my receding gums or I would lose my teeth.  

Dr. Bjornbak took care of my exposed root problem quickly, economically, and beautifully.

Besides all that, I really like Dr. Bjornbak.  He’s a cool guy, with a kind heart, and lots of fun stuff to talk about.
Great location next to Sherman Oaks Hospital on Van Nuys Blvd. They validate parking .

Hope this helps you in your search for an excellent dentist!”

– Fur D.
Van Nuys, CA

“Dr B and his staff are the best! They have rebuilt my mouth and it is the cleanest/strongest it has ever been! Been with him for 7+ years and have referred numerous patients. Lizette is also the best! I have a horrible fear of dentists and they put me at ease each and every time. Someone mentioned waiting? I have NEVER waited even 10 minutes to be seen. I call BS on that review. Trust me, go to him!

I’m one of those types that’s terrified by dentists. Had an exceptionally horrific run-in with Navy dentistry (two impacted wisdom teeth cracked into pieces and cut out of my skull by a Reservist lieutenant late for a golf game… the novocaine kicked in about 5 minutes after he was done), which made it, shall we say, emotionally challenging to get myself into a dentist chair for the next decade or so.

My wife found Dr B through one of her actor friends, and was highly recommended as a dentist specializing in sedation dentistry. After a gentle prod or two, I made an appointment.

In one visit, I went from someone who’d rather attend an Amway convention while suffering from explosive diarrhea than sit in a dentist’s chair to actually *trusting* this guy. Dr Bjornbak is friendly, funny, genuine, proactive, caring, and spot-on professional. He was very clear on the specifics of my treatment plan, made sure I understood everything, and ensured that my procedure was pain-free. The sedation dentistry aspect of his practice is honestly a lifesaver for people like me.

I’ve had two ‘major’ visits to Dr B to get my mouth back in healthy shape, and after each visit, he would call that evening to check in and see how I was feeling.

His front office staff are superb, his assistants are top-notch, and his latest dental hygienist does a fantastic job. His office, just off the 101 in Sherman Oaks, is easily accessible.

I’ve recommended him to several employees and co-workers, and they’ve all reported similar experiences.

Bottom line – if you’re terrified of going to the dentist – this is the one you want to see.”

– Colin T. (Winnetka, CA)

Hooray for Dr. Bjornbak! I have had terrible dentist experiences for the past 6 years and had developed a morbid fear of all dentists. Every one of my fillings had to be drilled out and replaced 2-3 times, crowns re-done: you name it, all in the name of bad dentists! Not to mention never being numbed enough and no dentist ever believing me.

Dr. Bjornbak fixed two of my cavities with the sedation method which is wonderful! He even tested my teeth for sensitivity to air and cold water before numbing me just to get an idea of how sensitive I was. I can’t recommend him more for people who are scared of dentists. He and his staff are really wonderful and I now trust him so much I think I’ll be able to go back next time without having to be sedated.

He even called to check up on me the night after my surgery!

A little update: I had to have a tooth pulled and subsequently, had an implant and crown put in place. I was scared, to say the least, about the entire process but it was so easy! I’m a giant baby- such a giant baby that if I hear the drill, I break into cold sweats and scare everyone in the room with my nervousness. Dr. Bjornbak is so accommodating that he adjusted the crown outside of my mouth so I wouldn’t have to come close to the drill. I can honestly say, there is nothing scary about having dental work done at Sherman Oaks Dental. It’s almost a walk in the park.

I used to be morbidly afraid of dentists but during the past year, I’ve learned not to go to each appointment with a sense of doom and dread. The staff is great with answering questions, working around my schedule and I have never waited more than 2 minutes in the waiting room either. This guy will be my dentist for life!